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Over the years we have used the technical skills learnt and tested these on the race track and brought this experience to the road. So whether it is a simple yearly service or rebuilding a full engine/gearbox, we have the experience.

  • Engine builder/race technician for Bill Farmer’s 1996 - 993 GT2 raced at Le Mans in 1996.  Also engine used at 24 hour Daytona race in 1996.

  • Technician for Ray Williams NZ registered road car land speed record in a 1983 911 Turbo 3.3L(600HP)

  • In the early 1990s, development/build of Don Kay/Ray Williams 964 twin turbo race car (800+HP) It is still racing and winning races in the South Island to this day!

  • Lighting Direct’s turbos of Bill and Dean Fulford (800+HP)

  • A variety of Bridgestone/Pirelli Porsche racing competitors and champions from 911E to 944 Turbo.

  • 2011 North Island Endurance Series winner – 964 powered by 993 turbo. This car started life as a road 964 tiptronic and evolved into a 993 twin turbo powered 964 – it has the performance and reliability to win

  • Pukekohe 6 Hour Race winner.

  • Conal Dempsey – Porsche 964 Turbo S Le Mans replica with 997 RSR sequential gearbox. (800HP).

  • Porsche 991 GT3MR bi-turbo conversion - the first for this model worldwide.


As you can see our scope of work is vast – challenges and pushing the boundaries are part of what we love!

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Peter Booth at Motorscience and I have a long history together in Motor Racing.

He has seen me through countless races , championships and many wins.

He has built me tough, reliable and fast engines.

Peter was pivotal in my NZ Road Car Land Speed title.

He is innovative and thinks outside the box when it comes to problem solving and getting that extra bit of winning power!!

He is a technician of integrity, enviable experience and a commitment to the Porsche marque.


Racing Ray Williams

Pete and the team at Motorscience have been servicing (and sometimes repairing!) my Porsche for a number of years (first my Cayman S then a Cayenne S and now a Panamera).  They provide outstanding service, I trust them in terms of any work needed. What’s more they have always been great value and I have never had a need to question my bill.  I have used them for pre purchase inspections and wouldn’t purchase a Porsche without these guys giving me their opinion.  It’s awesome to have independent, passionate, Porsche experts in the Auckland market.  Unless I was locked in to a yard through a warranty program, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!


Trish McLean, CEO. Auckland

I've known Peter Booth since he appeared on the scene of Porsche Bridgestone Racing I was still participating in in the early nineties. 

Peter became quickly highly regarded though amongst fellow racers for his no-nonsense approach, commitment and excellent work.

In the process of a lifestyle change I ended up in the Bay of Islands and, thereby, far removed from PCNZ and racing activities. Of course I kept a Porsche but since this was a pre-impact bumper model I had no real difficulties for many years keeping it humming by myself.

Old car club contacts often keep on lingering and through those I was well aware the reputation and following Peter had built enabled him to establish his own company, motorscience, as an independent Porsche specialist.

On a few occasions over the years I needed some expert opinion on matters Porsche and was grateful for  Peter’s straight-forward advice.

In more recent times, however, I finally became a client proper: Venturing into 2nd hand more modern Porsche machinery soon resulted in the not entirely uncommon disintegration of an IMS bearing in full flight….

In true form Peter uncompromisingly spelled out the options which in this case led to the decision to completely disassemble the engine and appropriately rebuild it. I was impressed with the way the job went, that I was kept informed and given the chance to inspect all my engine bits spread out neatly over meters of workbench and shelving, that the essentials of the job were documented and stored on the computer with relevant images, that the total costs as well as repair time stayed within the estimates and, most importantly, with the way the rejuvenated engine thereafter attempted to make me forget the bill…

During this experience I gained the impression Peter and his team definitely have the contacts, facilities and know-how to successfully tackle the most complex tasks and take great pride in the standard of work they are able to deliver. Just what one would hope for in an independent Porsche specialist where lateral thinking and less factory constraints have the potential to provide greater satisfaction, particularly to the more track-oriented clientele.

I now make a point of always popping in briefly when in Auckland and if it is only to stay in touch. The lads are usually quite busy and don’t even drop the spanner but still happy to exchange a few words on the side. And then there is Maggie, of course, with her natural ability to make people feel welcome… and more often than not, she accentuates that with one of her mean coffees!


U. Schmutzler 


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