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Our technicians are factory-trained and have an enviable wealth of knowledge and experience spanning many years of the Porsche marque.

We always have room for you with 5 hoists plus 4 extra work bays and a dedicated engine room. We try to keep one hoist available for drive-in enquiries.

MSC_staff4.png Peter Booth Specialist Porsche Servicing Auckland
Peter Booth

Peter discovered his love for Porsche whilst working for a single seater race team in Long Island New York in the early 80s. One of the drivers spun off and the only vehicle on hand to get to him quickly was the driver’s brand new Porsche 930. Peter and another mechanic found the driver was OK, he had spun off and got stuck in the sand. Establishing he was fine, and discovering that the Porsche was so good – they kept on going for another three or four laps! The passion was ignited!

After a 3 year stint in NY, Peter came home at the end of 1984 and started his training at Continental Car Services. The Porsche population in Auckland was still rather small at that time so he moved to Sydney and worked for Scuderia Veloce – a larger volume Porsche dealership. 

From there he went to work for AFN London – the main Porsche dealership in London. AFN was factory owned and with this came a wealth of outstanding experienced technicians to learn from.

In 1990 he came back to New Zealand armed with a wealth of experience and a passion for Porsche. He held jobs at Continental Car Services and later at Giltrap Prestige where he became assistant service manager. During that time he built the engine for Bill Farmer’s 1996 - 993 GT2 that raced at Le Mans in 1996. The engine was also raced at 24 hour Daytona race in 1996.

In late 2002 Peter set up motorscience Ltd and that started a whole new chapter!

Max Booth

Max comes to us after 7 years at Giltrap Prestige, where he completed the Porsche factory apprentice training and went on to become a Porsche Silver technician. Max's interest in Porsches was piqued early in his life, attending Porsche races with Peter since he was 5 years old. The first technical foray into the intricacies of the Porsche marque began when he was still in high school, completely rebuilding a 944S engine. Outside of work Max is a keen swimmer and enjoys the challenge of long distance swimming. Recently Max has been building and riding a fixed-gear track bike.

MSC_staff5.png Maggie Bishop-Booth Specialist Porsche Servicing Auckland
Maggie Bishop-Booth
MSC_staff5.png Maggie Bishop-Booth Specialist Porsche Servicing Auckland
Jason McLaughlin

Jason is a certified Porsche Master Gold Technician and has a wealth of knowledge relating to Porsche models across the range, with particular expertise in the later models. Jason has over 15 years experience working with the Porsche marque.

Jason comes to us after 5 years with Giltrap Prestige and 11 years with two dealerships in Texas.

As with all good things in life - he has to bide his time with Cadillac for 9 months before a position became available with a Porsche dealership in Dallas, Texas.

Since then, he was operated Porsche roadside assistance, performed bumper to bumper diagnostics and repairs, and studied bronze, silver and gold Master Technician qualifications.

Jason's interests outside of work are anything two wheeled - whether it be road cycling or trail riding - and taking in the outdoors.

Hugo Thomson

Hugo is our newest member of the motorscience team and our first apprentice.

He is about to embark on his automotive studies and will be supported by the motorscience team.

We look forward to following his progress.

In his spare time, Hugo enjoys 4 wheel driving,hunting and fishing

Maggie is often the first point of contact here at motorscience Ltd. She will happily connect you with any one of our technicians. Maggie is an ex teacher and enjoys the busy-ness of the office. You will find her shuffling paper or organising parts most days. She is more than happy to set you up with a lovely espresso or a cup of tea and a magazine, if you have time on your hands.


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