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Pre-purchase inspections


If you are lucky enough to be looking to buy a Porsche, we offer a pre-purchase service and a pre-purchase chat. It pays to be quite clear on what you are looking for and to be fairly certain that this may quite possibly be the car for you.

Here are a few ideas about the ‘tyre kicking” process:

  • Establish how much money you are prepared to spend – do you have any flexibility there??

  • Do research to see if this is a realistic figure – this is where we can come in with the pre-purchase chat!!

  • Decide which model really appeals to you, also, is it going to be a daily driver and again – do your research, does it have all the things you are looking for, ie: AC, manual/automatic trans etc.

  • Drive the ones you like, once you have narrowed down the field to one or two in particular – get a pre-purchase carried out.


Our pre-purchase inspection consists of a written pre-purchase check indicating the state of the car at the time of inspection, what work may need doing in the short term and what could be required in the longer term – so you have a plan. Bear in mind that we don’t have a crystal ball and no dismantling is undertaken, there may always be hidden or latent defects that are not evident at the time of inspection. We do have up-to-date diagnostic tools and our technicians often know the history of the car – such are the wide ranging experiences of our team.

All the hard work is now behind you and all that is left to do is make your decision, knowing that you have been as thorough as you can be!

Whatever you decide – to buy or not to buy – don’t despair, there will be the right car for you somewhere and we are part of the process that supports you in your quest.

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